„We talk about a language we don't speak."
- Vera F. Birkenbihl

The average amount of time a student speaks during one hour of class is 11 seconds. So how can you learn a language in 11 seconds a day? Well, you can't.
Studies show that we best learn a language if we speak it. So how can we increase the timeframe that students can speak a language while feeling secure and not hesitant to speak it?
That's where we want to provide a solution.


In this project, we created a vision of how to better learn a foreign language in 5th grade. With the help of a new type of technology, we created a Voice-User-Interface-Concept built on GPT-3 (KI).
Our Learn Assistant supports students while learning a language. Ovi does not replace the teacher; it's just an extension of the class.
You can freely talk to Ovi, play games to learn vocabulary or solve an interactive audioplay. Ovi provides you with individual methods to best learn the language.
The collected data will give the teacher as well as the student an overview of their learning progress. Strengths and weaknesses can be worked on individually.

Our Principles

3 “F” Gamification
Friends, Feedback, Fun.
It's fine to make mistakes
Especially at the beginning there will be a few mistakes. To not lose motivation, it's important to use the right method of correcting students. Ovi will correct the student by repeating the mistake but in the correct way (Mothering Version).
Don't be afraid
Students don't have to be afraid of embarrassing themself by making mistakes.
Educational equality
Everyone will be given the same device so no one will be favoured
Independent learning
With the given overview of their own learning progress, students will be able to better assess themselves.
Relieve the teachers
The overview shows each student's strengths and weaknesses so the teacher can act in their favour to get the best out of their time in class.
Safety first 
Reduce Screen Time, no webcam in the nursery.


Have a discussion by being factual, bring good arguments as well as you have respect for each other's opinions. Interviews will give an objective point of view, you may not see yourself anymore.

My Role 
Learn methode
After Effects


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