For over 16 years "fiftyFifty-Taxi" has been driving young people on Fridays, Saturdays and public holidays from 10pm till 6am safely and for half of the price around Ostalbkreis. For 10 years now they have been offering their services on an app. The app itself has never been up-to-date and the interface is also poor. The problem is that no one really uses the app anymore even though the offer is great. The lack of good design and User Experience has not made it easy for the user to get navigate within the app. As we currently live in the Ostalbkreis, we wanted to add value to this region by improving the app.


With just two levels, the updated app is easy to navigate. The two different main colors navigate the user in between the two levels of the app. Playful elements valorise the app. The fine line in the background is an analogy to a map matching icons supporting the User Experience.

Added Features

  • cost calculation
  • Sharing option
  • find a ride
  • possible stops
  • plan your trip
  • emergency alert
  • Information about the taxi shown
  • upgraded pay method
  • target group increased
  • sharing is caring everyday not only on the weekend


Opinions and different tasks do not make it easy for the design process. Many changes and compromises have
helped us to find the perfect solution for the team. Discussions hold better with good arguments. It's better to focus on the User needs in order to include the right features. User Interviews and Opinions form orders help to create the perfect User Experience.

My Role
Information architecutre
Concept of the App
Figma / ProtoPie
After Effects/

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