I could tell you that I currently study Interactive Design at the University of Applied Design in Schwäbisch Gmünd, which is true. It is my occupation for now, which I enjoy a lot, but it does not define who I am. So I will give you my recents thoughts about a topic which I put some thought into.

I ask myself the question is Individuality a Privilege? If you look at society, most of the people follow the system: They educate themselves, work, get married, have kids and work till they retire. But what is with those who want to be different? I think the individual can never be complete in a system that will never change. They will always be seen as outsiders. The individual itself will be incomplete. The system does not have space for individuality.

But why not? I think being different, being yourself, having an open mindset and being honest are characteristics I appreciate.

I could have written the same old text everyone has read before, but I think sharing something you are passionate about is by far worth more than listing verbs that may describe you.
I like to put those thoughts into my design. Make it different, individual and spice it up a little.

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